Friday’s 15 Things

1. All alarm clock snooze buttons are automatically set to 9 minutes. Any second longer and you slip into a different level of sleep, making it even more difficult to wake up post “snooze”.

2. I switched companies this month. You need to all check out Bluesmart and get your very own smart carry-on. You won’t regret it.

3. Melania Trump Memes continue to take over the internet. Don’t miss out and see some of the most memorable ones here. P.S. I wish Jimmy Fallon were running for president.

4. Don’t worry world. She gave a formal apology here. We can all go on with our lives.

5. LOL at the internet and this Taylor Swift “scandal”. Why I am sharing this, I don’t really know. But I do think it might help solidify how important it is for us to realize that none of this actually matters.

6. Thanks to Google, we can instantly retrieve endless information. Including 38 photos of Google’s rise from a Stanford dorm room to world domination. No need to use our brains for anything anymore!

7. I love Google so much, I’m sharing the search page that entertained me the most today. You’re welcome!

8. Remember when nude photos of Justin Bieber hit the internet last year? Here are 9 photos of Michael Keaton instead.

9. Today (July 22nd) is National Hammock Day! So be sure to celebrate both the National Holiday and the start of the weekend the right way by finding yourself a hammock and cozying up with a 6 pack.

10. There are 209 days until Christmas! As a good Jew, I’ll be OOO and cruising the Caribbean on my 21st cruise. Which calls for celebrating like it’s my 21st Birthday. Obviously.

11. There are 25 songs that defined the summers of the ‘90s and continue to bring us back to that decade every time they are played. Of course, my favorites will always be the Spice Girls 1997 hit “Say You’ll Be There” and Brandy’s 1998 “That Boy is Mine”.

12. There’s something fascinating about famous last words. Philosopher, Karl Marx chose these as his, “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough” and Bob Marley’s were “Money can’t buy life.” TBD on what mine will be.

13. This is America. So it’s in our nature to rank absolutely everything. Including the 20 most generous people in the world. Which may be one of the most important rankings released yet. Friendly reminder to do a good deed this weekend. Even if it’s small.

14. I love cheese. Especially with wine. But something I’ve never tried is cheese and beer. Business Insider shows us exactly how we should explore this uncharted but delicious territory. Because let’s be realistic. Cheese is good with just about everything. (Typed while eating cheese).

15. Here is Travel + Leisure’s “Unfriendliest Cities in America” Ranking by state. New York comes in first. Ha! SMILE AND WAVE PEOPLE IT’S FRIDAY!!!

Halpy Friday!