20 Things Girls Should Never Outgrow. 

  1. Slumber parties with your best friends. With and without booze. Take it from me; dilerium is way stronger than booze.
  2. Late night dance parties.
  3. In the car sing-a-longs.
  4. Randomly hugging your parents and siblings for over 30 seconds.
  5. Cooking dinner for your friends and family. Even if you order in and plate it like it was homemade. Judgement free zone. It’s the effort that counts and no one wants to eat the food you don’t enjoy cooking.
  6. Laughing at stupid Dad jokes even when they don’t come from a father.
  7. Looking at the world with wonder.
  8. The desire to experience new things with your significant others, friends, strangers and alone. All are equally as important.
  9. Selectively splurging on a vacation. Or shoes. Whatever your vice may be.
  10. Getting ready for a night out with your girlfriends and blasting dance music. (Disclaimer: this will speed down the process significantly.)
  11. Never settling for the redundancy of routine.
  12. Enjoying a Friday night in all alone.  No FOMO allowed.
  13. Keeping it spicy by wearing your favorite lingerie for no reason whatsoever. You’ll feel sexier you did even if you’re the only one who’s going to see it.
  14. Being inquisitive.
  15. Blanket forts on rainy days.
  16. Reading books so good they put you into hibernation from your social life AND social media.
  17. Your passions. All of them.
  18. The desire to keep discovering more of them.
  19. Loving yourself. First and foremost.
  20. Loving others.