Dropping the “F Bomb”!


No matter who you voted for in this election, it’s important to remember that we are all human first and foremost. We are entitled to our individualized opinions and perspectives because we live in free America. Due to the liberties we have been given, it’s even more imperative to remember that just because we are free to express things, doesn’t make it OK to do so in a demeaning light. There has been so much hate permeating social media that I’ve begun to think that, “maybe people are more inherently bad”, and the thought of this breaks my heart. I don’t want to ever doubt humanity’s compassion. And I sure as hell don’t want to see female bashing on my newsfeed.

azizIf  you believe in equality amongst men and women, you are in fact a feminist. This word is only scary because it’s been compared with radical change. But the changes that need to happen, to get us there, aren’t that extreme. Were talking, access to health care, reproductive rights, equal pay and opportunities and eliminating the fear that these can be taken away at any time. But most importantly, we’re talking about accepting the fact that all men and women (no matter your nationality, sexuality, religion or race) should be treated equal and have the same rights and liberties. Equality for humanity is the most feminist thought yet and if that’s too extreme for you, you need to travel, you need to open your mind and you need to realize that there is so much more for this country to strive for and demand of its people.

I didn’t vote for her because she is a female. I voted for her because she has demonstrated more poise and credibility in her career. I also voted for her because I didn’t want to vote for someone who perpetuates hate and cultivates fear. Side note, I now have to consider getting an IUD before the new year to ensure that my reproductive rights are protected when Trump becomes president. Now that’s a scary thought.

As we embark on this new year, with new leadership and IUDs in place, I am asking something very important of all of you. They may be higher expectations for some of you, but I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think you weren’t capable of delivering.

Take all of the energy you’ve manifested in this political race and channel it towards making a difference. It’s so easy to do so. You don’t necessarily need to spend any money or too much time on it. All you need to do is make the active decision, day in and day out to treat your fellow countrymen and women with respect and gratitude. This includes those visiting for tourism, those trying to start a life in our country and any person that has a beating heart, in general. Be the best version of yourself everyday and strive to eliminate hate, bigotry and masochism from the discourse.

We are lucky to be alive. We are lucky to live in the USA. We are lucky for the bodies we have and how capable they are. We are lucky for the endless information we have access to, right at our fingertips. We have never been more lucky or had so much access to the tools necessary for change and yet what are we doing with it? Not enough.

Show the world gratitude, be a good person and push out positive vibes for a more united future. Most importantly, think before you publish something degrading as you are only perpetuating the problem.

Feminism isn’t about pushing for power over men. Rather it’s about inspiring those to empower themselves and to dismiss the fear that permeates society in striving for the same things men may have already come to expect.

F Bomb Dropped.


feminism = humanism

Even when you think you lack control, there is always jurisdiction in how you respond. So technically, you’re always in control of yourself. Don’t let you down.