14 Things I Want 

  1. I want to be rich. Rich in happiness. Rich in love. Rich in adventure. Rich in knowledge. And rich in laugher. 

  2. I want to live minimally. To spend my money on experiences and not on things. 

  3. I want to stop seeing so many negative posts on social media. 

  4. I want us all to be kind to one another and still be able to enjoy a silly joke that may not be considered “PC”. 

  5. I want to detach from my phone to have a real life conversation.

  6. I want us to open up our hearts to understanding and celebrating things outside our comfort zones.

  7. I want tolerance for people and practices that are “different”. 

  8. I want you to travel more. 

  9. I want to learn something new everyday. 

  10. I want to meet someone new everyday. 

  11. I want the new person I meet to teach me something new. 

  12. I want you to go after what you want. 

  13. I need to not want anything at all and I only want what I absolutely need. 

  14. I want all of this for all of us.