Being Halpy

23063280561_dd009f2761_oYou have choices to make when it comes to happiness. It’s an emotion that is constantly challenged by the world around us and it’s important to recognize exactly what it is that makes you happy and just how far you’re willing to go to create positive energy every day.

They call me “Halpy” because I’m usually the happiest girl in the room, and well, the nickname plays really nicely off of my last name. I’m an active lady who turns to physical activity to help channel my overflow of energy.

Some of the things that make me the happiest include yoga, dancing, getting lost in the craft store, snowboarding, reading a book that I struggle to put down, writing, kickboxing and traveling. My blog allows me to organize my breadth of interests while aiming to encourage you to not only learn a little something about me, but to discover something new about yourself along the way.

Halpydays promotes adventure, keeping each and every day exciting, trying lots of new things and most importantly, recognizing the things that make us happy! Finding your happiness is heavily dependent on taking on the right perspective. So how do you choose to feel today? What do you choose to do about it? How will you make the most of it all? Halpydays is where I aim to answer these questions and I challenge you to keep up!